Welcome to our group 

Our group was set up in 2009 by a group of parents with children with special needs, to provide friendship and support to other parents/carers.  Membership is free and open to everyone - whether you are the parent/carer or family member/friend - or whether you care for an adult or child.  It may also be that your child does not have a full diagnosis - that is alright, please still come along.

Our meetings are monthly on the first  Wednesday of every month from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Fun Creek, Coleshill Manor - directions can be found on their website www.funcreekcoleshill.co.uk but please contact us if you are not sure or want to follow someone there.  Our meeting dates are on our website and also our Facebook page.

We generally meet and have some 'me time' over a drink and light refreshments.  We also organise speakers from time to time, on a range of topics depending what parents would like.  After the meeting, those who want to and are able to, will often make the evening a social event and have a drink in nearby pub, go for something to eat or cinema etc - a lot of members enjoy this as it also gives them a night out.

In addition we support each other through the month through our WattsApp group, which helps us keep in touch with each other when things get busy - and continue to support each other.  If we are unable to meet then we organise the meeting through Zoom, and will support each other as if we were face to face, but also sometimes have a quiz virtually.

We also organise regular 'meet ups' such as going for a coffee or a walk - as well as things such as going to the cinema or theatre.  We are always open to suggestions as to what people would like to do.  Social events and outings are also organised throughout the year, which are either for parents/carers or the whole family so that children also get an opportunity to make new friends.

Coming to your first meeting may be a bit daunting, so please feel free to message beforehand and one of our group members can meet you beforehand. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

We look forward to meeting you.